Top 3 Kitchen Cabinet Colors for Any Home

Top 3 Kitchen Cabinet Colors for Any Home

Choosing the right color for your new kitchen cabinets may seem daunting. Whether you’re updating the family home or remodeling a new property, the kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house. That’s why we love these three colors for any Phoenix AZ home. White, gray, and blue are timeless choices with lots of versatility. Whether you use all three colors or just one, this is a palette you’re sure to love.


White is the most popular color for cabinets, and with good reason. Clean, airy, and fresh, white cabinets keep your space looking cool while bringing in the light. White cabinets make a small space feel larger, and a large space feel open and inviting. Best of all, white cabinets work with every style.

Plain white cabinets may sound boring, but you may be surprised by all the options a neutral cabinet color creates. Cool white goes with sleek modern stylings, or you can choose a warm, creamy off-white to compliment a more traditional design. No matter which shade of white you choose for your kitchen, your cabinets will look great with any combination of countertop, wall color, and appliances.


You may know that gray is a popular wall color, but have you considered gray kitchen cabinets? Gray is cool, relaxing, and sophisticated without being too dark. Lend a touch of elegance to your Phoenix AZ kitchen remodel by choosing gray cabinets that pop against white walls and a bright backsplash, or compliment your gray cabinets with traditional wood accents to create a kitchen that blends classic and contemporary.

For a different take on gray, try griege kitchen cabinets. “Griege” blends gray and beige to create a warm, soothing neutral guaranteed to look good with any other color on your design palette. Like white, griege is endlessly versatile. Depending on how cool or warm the cabinet color is, you’ll feel more earthy brown or peaceful blue tones in your kitchen. Whether you want to embrace a southwestern aesthetic or escape the heat, griege kitchen cabinets may be the perfect choice for a Phoenix AZ home.


We love neutrals like white and gray because they go with everything. But if you’re feeling bold, blue may be the kitchen cabinet trend you’ve been waiting for. Blue is another versatile color that works for any style. Rich, saturated blues make a bold statement, while cool, pale blues relax the eye as well as white and gray.

You can’t go wrong with blue kitchen cabinets. Blue can be a neutral or a color depending on the shade and saturation, which means your blue cabinets can be a comforting backdrop or the focal point of the kitchen. White countertops look especially good in contrast with a blue cabinet, and blue sets off wood look flooring beautifully.

Shade and Contrast

Whichever color you choose for your kitchen cabinets, it’s important to remember a few basic design rules. Always take the size of your kitchen into account when planning a remodel. Lighter shades are a great choice for the walls because they make the space feel larger. Darker shades for your cabinets or countertops can be very elegant, but may feel confining in a small home.

The key to balancing different shades is contrast. If you choose a darker shade of blue or gray for your cabinets, a contrasting white wall will make the room feel chic and spacious. For a bright, airy kitchen, try a light shade of white, gray, or blue, with another light shade on the wall, and bring in bold color through your backsplash or other design accents.

Ready to Remodel?

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