Storage solutions

Life is short. Make the most of your time by spending less of it disorganized. When you invest in a great storage system, you’re really investing in your own productivity, and that’s why we carry storage solutions by Organized Living.

We’re proud to offer three storage solutions by Organized Living, so whether you’re looking to smarten up a closet, a workspace, or even a garage, we’ve got a way to cut the clutter. The freedomRail system’s shelves, baskets, drawers, and other components can be easily reconfigured to update your closet, no tools needed. The Classica line offers a custom built-in look as strong and durable as it is stylish.

We also design and install the Lifetime Ventilated product line for our commercial customers who require those patented specifications for their hotels and other commercial projects.

We believe that every space should be efficient, welcoming and stress free. At Builders Flooring & Design we have flooring, cabinets, storage solutions and more. Let’s get started!