3 Reasons to Choose Luxury Plank Vinyl

Luxury vinyl plank is everywhere these days, and for good reason. Do you want a floor that resists moisture but looks like wood and no grout? A floor that installs easily? How about one that looks as good two years later as it did on day one? Hardwood alternatives are many and varied, but luxury vinyl is the top choice of many homeowners, and for good reason.

Often called LVP, vinyl flooring has come a long way since its development in the 1970s. Today’s luxury vinyl plank floors come with different options combining waterproof, durable fiberglass with high-end embossing, solid core materials and wood-grain texture, for products that can withstand typical wear and tear while looking great.

At Builder’s Flooring & Design, we want to help you create your perfect home, which is why we’ve put together three reasons that luxury vinyl plank may be the perfect flooring choice for you.


Let’s face it, flooring installation can be intimidating. Without dustless tile removal, taking out old flooring is messy, and putting in new flooring can mean large sections of your home are off-limits until the installation is finished. Unlike hardwood or tile, LVP is a floating floor, which means no layers or glue or mortar between the vinyl and the subfloor. LVP is installed using a click and lock system, which means your new floor is ready to go in record time.


We’ll let you in on a little secret: the key to a beautiful home isn’t endless hours of maintenance. Choosing an easy to care for flooring like luxury vinyl plank will improve your home’s aesthetics without expanding your workload. LVP is easily cleaned with a neutral cleaner, or a simple solution of water and vinegar. The surface is very durable, not easily scratched and, and best of all, LVP is completely waterproof. If you want an easily cared for floor that will never warp with moisture, LVP is a great choice.


Luxury vinyl plank is a great way to update your home while keeping it classic. Unlike synthetic floors of the past, the LVP options on the market today might be mistaken for real wood. This runs deeper than just color. LVP floors are specially designed to mimic the pattern of wood grain, varying from plank to plank just like real hardwood. But the similarity doesn’t stop there. Are you looking for a sleek traditional finish? A rustic hand-scraped texture? Just like hardwood, LVP comes in many different textured finishes, combining the timeless style of hardwood with the durability of vinyl.